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Manage Your Allergies

Ways to Manage Your Allergies at Work

Seven More Tips to Help You Manage Your Allergies

The seasons are changing and allergens are in your home. You are sneezing. Your eyes are itchy. Your throat feels irritated.

What to do? Read on for tips to help manage your allergies, so you can enjoy the indoors.

Change the filter

Air filters catch allergens in your home, including smoke. Change your furnace and air conditioning filters at least once a month during allergy season.

Clean the bedding

Dust mites love bedding, which is why you should wash all of it once a week. Use hot water to wash and rinse and the high cycle to dry. Another idea is to use dust mite free covers for your pillows and mattress.

Stop stressing

Stress plays a role in our overall health, as well as our allergy health. Sinuses and nasal membranes react negatively to stress, which translated to sinus pain and nasal congestion. Listen to relaxing music or meditate a little every day.

Keep plants outside

The soil of house plants and indoor herb gardens can carry mold spores. Keep indoor plants to a minimum-and definitely not in the bedroom where you spend most hours of your day. If the plants have pollen, keep them outside or give them to a friend who doesn’t have a pollen allergy.

Close the windows

Although you might enjoy fresh air in your home, you won’t enjoy your allergic reaction. Keep your windows closed at least during the high pollen part of the day.

Dust and vacuum the house

Make sure to dust your home thoroughly. Don’t forget your blinds. Vacuum your curtains and your floors. Think about getting a vacuum with a HEPA filter too.

Use herbal formulations

Osha promotes respiratory health. Plantain leaf supports tissue health. You will find these and other supportive herbs in Allergy ReLeaf® System, Singer’s Saving Grace® and Osha Root Extract.

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